November 19, 2018 Bedford, OH City Council Meeting

Here is the video for the City Council meeting for Monday, November 19th, 2018:

Sorry it was so late this time. I went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and they have a very slow internet connection that made uploading the video from their house impossible.

In the Work Session, we discussed:

  • Budgets for Economic Development and City Manager

In the Regular Session, we voted on:

  • Authorizing the City to apply the Community Development Supplemental Grant and the Community Development Block Grant. (passed)
  • Authorizing the City to renew its contract with the schools and help pay for a Resource Officer at the High School. (passed)
  • Renewing the lease for 600 Solon Rd., which is owned by the City and is leased by MRLM. The new lease is for 5 years and ha an option to purchase. (1st reading)
  • Renewing the contract with GPD Group for engineering services. There will be a minor increase in cost of services from GPD Group. (1st reading)
  • Adjusting the pay range available for Recreation Department employees.  (1st reading)
  • Re-appoint James Judd to the Civil Service Commission (accepted)
  • Appoint Rich Palcisko to the Civil Service Commission (accepted)


In the reports:

  • The sign survey has been completed. City will be looking for grant money to help with implementing the suggestions in the survey.
  • New software will be coming to the tax department. Dec 12 & Dec 19 there will be a presentation about how to use the new system.
  • Sandy Spinks (W1) & Mayor Stan Koci went to The National League of Cities in Los Angeles.
  • Sam’s Club and Giant Eagle Salvation Army kettles will be for Bedford Salvation Army
  • The City wrote the State a letter a few months ago about the traffic increase on Broadway from the 271 construction. State disagreed and will not providing any help with it.
  • Meadowbrook properties brought up on the Facebook Neighborhood Watch page are owned by George Goudreau. City sent a certified letter of citation this past week to clean it up or they will take him to court.
  • US Bank Mortgage gave a large amount of office furniture to the Schools. Approximately $20,000 worth. The City later said that US Bank Mortgage also gave the Parks and Recreation Department office furniture.


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