December 3, 2018 Bedford, OH City Council Meeting Video

Here is the video for Monday’s City Council meeting.

In the work session:

  • We met with GPD Engineering to talk about their services. GPD agreed to only raise their rates by 2.5% rather than what they had proposed.

In the Regular Session, we voted on:

  • The 2019 Budget. If anyone is interested, the budget is balanced this year (yeah!) which is a good sign. The Finance Director used conservative (worst case scenario) numbers so hopefully with all the new businesses in the works around the City, we may actually be in the black at the end of 2019. (passed)
  • Renewing the lease for 600 Solon Rd., which is owned by the City and is leased by MRLM. The new lease is for 5 years and has an option to purchase. (passed)
  • Renewing the contract with GPD Group for engineering services. (2nd reading)
  • Adjusting the pay range available for Recreation and Building Department employees. This is being done so that Parks & Recreation and Building will have more flexibility in what they pay for low level and part time positions. (2nd reading)
  • Authorizing an agreement between the City and Tinker’s Creek Watershed in regards to an EPA mandate regarding stormwater management and how Tinker’s Creek Watershed can assist in that. Tinker’s Creek Watershed will be helping Bedford get an EPA required permit. (passed)
  • Authorizing several appropriations to help the City financially finish out the year. (passed)

In the reports:

  • Weather has made it difficult to pick up leaves. The wet leaves are much harder to vacuum up due to the extra weight. 3 trucks are out now trying to get caught up. Do not put the leaves in the street as this makes the problem even worse.
  • Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteers to serve meals to Seniors & they also need donations. Volunteers only need to give 1 hour a week to make a difference.
  • Christmas In Bedford Falls is this weekend. Saturday December 8 from 12-4.
  • Xellia contributed significantly to Shop with a Cop. The City would like to thank them for their generosity.
  • Lights Out For Hunger is on the 19th.
  • Remember not to park in the street on snowy days
  • Barb McDaniels has been named Citizen of the Year by the Community Council. Congratulations Barb!

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