December 17, 2018 City Council Meeting Agenda

Here is the agenda for the Council meeting tonight.

In the Work Session we will be discussing:

  • Discussing changing the way the Criminal Activity Nuisances citations and fines work. Currently, when an address triggers a Criminal Activity Nuisance complaint, the matter goes to the Building Standards & Appeals board for review. (Ord 511.12)

    The discussion is to see if that should be changed. Some proposals that have been proposed are to establish a new board that would review each Criminal Nuisance complaint to determine if it is warranted, or to remove it from board review altogether and have the Chief of Police make the final determination if the Criminal Activity Nuisance complaint is warranted. Other proposals will be presented, I am sure.

    Council will also be discussing the possibility of changing the law to take into account domestic violence cases as well. Currently there is no such provision in the ordinance.

  • Discussing the Collection and Drop Off Boxes ordinance (Ord 1341.24). While we have an ordinance that covers where and how these boxes can be placed, it has been proposed that a permit also be required before placement of the boxes so that the Building Commissioner can make sure that the boxes are properly placed.

In the Regular Session, we will be voting on:

  • Renewing the contract with GPD Group for Engineering services.
  • Authorizing a mandatory pay increase for Clerk of Courts.

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