Agenda for the City Council Meeting for March 16th, 2018

Here is the agenda for the City Council Meeting for 3/19/18.

The Work session looks pretty dead, but we will be reviewing what we will be voting on in the Regular Meeting.

In the Regular Meeting, we will be voting on:

– Making additional appropriations in the budget
– Giving the City permission to apply delinquent water bills to the property owner’s tax bill
– Purchasing several new City vehicles
– Requiring property owners to provide a trash removal plan for their tenants (a.k.a. the Dumpster law)
– Accepting some properties from the Land Bank
– Authorize a renewed lease for Willis & Hutchinson Field
– Adopting current State building codes and updating the ordinances so that Council does not have to vote on updating them when the City is required to use them anyway

3-19-18 Council Agendas

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