Dollar General Update

I just wanted to give everyone an update about the Dollar General location. I stopped in today and spoke with the foreman of the construction company, Metis Construction Services. He provided some great information about what is currently and going to happen at that location.

First, the parking lot for that location will be closed until the Dollar General opens. I know that many people have used that parking lot for either a cut-through or as parking while you are visiting Downtown. That will no longer be available. Please understand that this is a construction zone and it is possible that there could be damage to your car or even yourself if you go in there. Metis has posted “No Trespassing” signs and they plan on enforcing them in order to keep people safe.

Second, Dollar General is tentatively hoping for an April date for opening. The building is in poor shape and will need significant renovation before it can open. As you can see in the picture, the building is currently being gutted. Some of the things being done will be things like the roof being replaced, several of the walls will need to be repointed and sealed and the entire parking lot will be replaced. These are just a few of the renovations planned for the building.

I know that the topic of the Dollar General is divisive, but it is a good thing to see this building being renovated. The foreman told me that had this work been done any later than this, that the building would have likely been unsalvageable. I think that the amount of money that Dollar General is investing into our community ($1.5 million) shows that they intend to be good corporate neighbors and we should welcome them.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact me.


  1. You’re spoiling all the residents of ward 5 and all the others residents of Bedford. We’re not used to getting information in Bedford. I’m sure all the people appreciate your efforts. Thanks for all you’re doing for Bedford.

  2. Heather should be city counsel woman for the WHOLE city. Thank you for keeping us all updated on everythingetting. I can’t wait for our dollar general.

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