Heather’s Update & Comments for January 2018

So, I am nearing completing my first month as your city councilwoman and it has been an interesting month. I have been learning all kinds on interesting things, such as the fact that the print out of Bedford’s ordinances could easily double as a hand to hand combat weapon due to its size and weight (as pictured above with a beer bottle for scale) and that Lorree Villers, the Clerk of Council, is my new girl power hero because she owns and maintains her very own vintage muscle car.

But all joking aside I have been learning a lot of important things about the City. For example, I learned why we have to order salt so much and what Robert’s Rules are and why we use them to run council meetings.

I have been learning a lot because I ask many, many questions. I suspect that at times, the City Manager may wonder when Ward 5’s councilperson turned into a 4-year-old child who insistently asks “Why?” But that is how I learn. I have never been afraid to ask questions. Which gets me into trouble sometimes, but I think here it is a good thing.

I would like to hear (and hopefully answer) your questions too. If you have a concern or you just wonder “why?” too, I want to hear from you. The more questions we ask, the more we can learn how to effectively tackle issues as residents and concerned citizens.

In the meantime, I hope that you are either attending City council meetings or watching the videos so that you can start forming your own questions.

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