Video of Bedford City Council Meeting for January 16, 2017

Here is the video for last night’s city council meeting:

In this public session the city voted on the following:

– The City will be purchasing 3 new police vehicles. One will replace the old vehicle and two will be to help accommodate the expansion of the police force. The old vehicle that will no longer be needed for the police force will be redistributed to the Recreation Center to replace the vehicle that is in poor condition there. The vehicle from the Recreation Center that is being retired will be sold on eBay if it is deemed safe.

– The Council accepted the Memorandum of Understanding from the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District. The MOU helps with the storm water report which is mandatory for epa. This group provides free materials to promote soil and water conservation (Like the cute little Pick Up Poop signs you see all around).

– The Council also voted to freeze the water rate. It had already been decided last month to freeze this. This was just making it official.

– The City will also be asking the County Auditor to advance money from 2017 taxes paid. This is done every year and is just a formality to get early access to 2017 taxes paid.

Also discussed in the reports in the public session:

– A police written test is tentatively scheduled for April 7th.

– A reminder that the State of the City address is January 25th.The public is welcome and encouraged.

– The city has had a few water main breaks due to cold. Residents can be helpful in limiting the damage caused by the breaks by contacting the City or their councilperson if you see pooling water on the sidewalk or the street.

– A reminder that home and business owners are responsible for snow removal from the sidewalks along your property. Please contact City Hall or your councilperson if you can’t clear your walks. Volunteers are available to help.

– Deer culling by the Metroparks has begun in the parks. Please avoid any areas that have been sectioned off by the Bedford Police. The City will also be culling 25 deer this year.

– Sandy Spinks will be on New Day Cleveland on January 25th and will be cooking with David Moss.

– The County denied funding to redo Union. We scored a 20 on their test to determine need and a score of 25 was needed. The City appealed the score but it was rejected by the county. Center will be redone by the county but the city did not request it.

In the work session, the council discussed:

– Possibly creating a City sponsored “Citizen Of The Year” and “Business Of The Year”

– A possible parking ban on Washington

If you have comments about either of these items, please contact your council person to discuss them.

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