September 17, 2018 City Council Video

Here is the video from Monday’s meeting.

In the Work Session, we discussed:

  • We met our new representative from First Energy. As expected, we discussed street lights and tree trimming. He will be working closely with the City on these topics.
  • Congratulations to Chuck Mowery on his appointment to the Planning Commission. Congratulations to George Green on his appointment to Building Standards & Appeals Board. Interested in serving on a Board in Bedford? Please send your resume and which Board you are interested in to Lorree Villers at
  • Bedford will sponsor 5 Hawthorne Valley Youth Council attendees this year. HVYC is a group that helps teach young budding leaders about the government process.

In the Regular Session, we voted on:

As a side note, we had a unique situation in this meeting as both the Mayor and the Vice Mayor were not in the regular session. Mayor Koci was called away on a family emergency and Councilwoman Mizsak (W4) was under the weather. Don Saunders (W6) was appointed by Mayor Koci as the temporary mayor for this meeting.

  • Sewer & water rates increases and senior discounts. (passed)
  • Some pretty hefty changes to how Ellenwood will be rented and how much to be charged. The previous rental fee ordinance was very brief and the new one brings the rental contract at Ellenwood in line with what you see at most event rental facilities. There will be a damage deposit paid now, a cancellation policy and other standard event rental agreement items like that. On the really plus side, the new ordinance will also define exactly what kinds of groups will have those fees waived and when so it will no longer be at just the discretion of the Rec Director. Our current Director does not play favorites, but one does not know who might be in the position in the future and this will help prevent future issues. (1st reading)
  • Updating the year on the ordinance about the Premium Only Plan insurance and essentially approving it for next year. (1st reading)

In the Reports & Citizen Comments:

  • The leak checking company was out this past few weeks and found several leaks that could have become line breaks. These leaks have been repaired and this service has helped the City of Bedford prevent a significant amount of “lost” water.
  • Damaged hydrants will be replaced or repaired in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • State testing on Bedford water showed that lead levels came in at 4, which is extremely low. Lower than in past years. This test was run on several samples from multiple randomly selected homes in Bedford.
  • The City is applying for grant to re-do Forbes Rd.
  • Resurfacing is complete on the roads selected for the Road Program this year. Crack sealing on Rockside is also complet. Tending to all of the roads on the list cost more than expected. More work on these roads will be done when the City has more money. Powers Road project will be starting. The railroad underpass will be closed during this time to all but emergency and local traffic. Plan accordingly. The City may only do a partial job on Powers due to it needing more work than expected and other streets needing more work than expected. Any work not completed on Powers this year will take priority next year.
  • Light of Hearts will be having their Fall Fest Fundraiser on October 14th. The dinner RSVP is passed, but you might be able to slip in. Raffle tickets are available for $10 each.
  • Bedford Downtown Alliance is pleased to announce that it will be having several events this upcoming year. We will be having a Chocolate Walk (2/16/18) & First Fridays (Every first Friday of the month starting in March). BDA invites everyone to attend.
  • The Bedford Garden Club will be having their Bean Soup Sale. Bags of bean soup are $4.50 each.
  • The Southeast Library is now hosting Kid’s Cafe where children can come and get a meal from the Cleveland Food Bank. Brown bag meals are served M-F from 3-3:45pm for children to take home.Please also check out their upcoming events here:
    • In particular, these classes may be of interest:
      • Engage with me series – Dinner and discussion – self portrait is the topic this month
      • Oct 10 – Vampire book talk
      • Oct 23 – STEM event
      • Oct 27 – Halloween Event in afternoon
      • Homework Center for K-12 M-F after school
      • Stop motion animation class for adults


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