September 17, 2018 Bedford City Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for the City Council meeting.
9-17-18 Council Agendas

Work Session looks like it will be long (I am guessing me may reconvene after the Regular Session) but the Regular Session should be pretty short as we have no new business to vote on and half the old business will just be a reading.

In the Work Session, we will be discussing:

  • We will be doing short interviews of the potential Planning Commission prospects
  • We will be finishing our look at the Deer Management Report and discussing new locations for culling next year. ~ I know that the Deer Management is a divided topic here in Bedford. For those of you out there who have feelings on this, one way or another, now is an excellent time to let your Council Person know.
  • We will be continuing our discussion of street parking and sidewalk clearing. We have been told that no changes will be made with street parking until the matter goes through Ward Meetings or a townhall style meeting so that the residents can continue to comment on the matter if we decide to move forward with a parking ban.
  • We will be discussing who on Council will be representing the City of Bedford on the school district’s Advisory Council.
  • We will be looking at the ordinance that pertains to Airbnb type homes and rooms. So, interesting thing is that in this case, old and previously outdated ordinances have come back around full circle and are relevant again. Old rooming house laws actually perfectly fit in with the Airbnb model. As there are a few Airbnb properties open already in Bedford, it is best to make sure all issues in this area are addressed.
  • Budget time is coming and we will be discussing when we will be meeting to look at the budget.

In the Regular Session, we will be voting or reading on:

  • Installation of the new Service Garage generator
  • The change in the Sewer Rates
  • The rate reduction in sewer and water for seniors and permanently disabled.
  • Having Gardiner do an Investment Grade Audit

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