October 7, 2019 Bedford City Council Meeting Video

Here is the video for the 10/07/19 City Council Meeting:

The videos are now broadcast live at this URL so if you tune in at 8pm, you can watch the Council meeting live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBgBDh11jKNhKtA1NIOZZA

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Mayor Koci was absent.

In the Work Session, we discussed:

  • Repealing outdated and superfluous ordinances. This is a basic clean up project for our ordinances. We have multiple ordinances that are either outdated, no longer necessary or possibly in conflict with Ohio Revised Code. The example provided was 505.11 COLORING RABBITS AND BABY POULTRY; SALE OR DISPLAY. This prohibits the sale of dyed chicks and bunnies. This is no longer a problem in the world so we really don’t need it on our books. While these ordinances do no harm, they should be cleaned up every once in awhile. This discussion will be about what steps need to be taken to do that. We will be adding a line item to the budget to start the process of having the ordinances removed as well as repealing one obviously superfluous or outdated ordinance at each meeting.  
  • Budget Meeting Dates. It is that time of year again where we will be reviewing the budget. Budget review dates have been set and will be posted soon.

In the Regular Session, we voted on:

  • Beginning the energy improvements suggested by Gardiner using NOACCA grant funds. (2nd reading)
  • Creating a new fund called “Northfield & Rockside West” as a capital improvement fund. This is done when there are specific projects the City would like to start saving for. The auditors in the past did not want individual funds for each project but new auditors have requested that change, so we will begin creating individual funds for future projects. (passed)
  • Annual sewer rate increase. Certain fees and costs increases are given to the City of Bedford and these costs then have to be incorporated into the sewer and water rate. There will be a 4% increase in the sewer rates and no increase in the water rate. There is typically a 3% increase to both. (1st reading)
  • Amending “Rate Reduction for Senior Citizens and Permanently Disabled” to line up with the sewer rate change. (1st reading)
  • Apply for the CDBG (grant) for televising the City’s sewer system to look for areas to repair. (1st reading)
  • Apply for the CDSG (grant) to pay for phase 2 of the Sign Initiative. (1st reading)
  • Making additional appropriations. Basically approving the moving of funds around in the City budget to pay for things or to accept unexpected money, such as from grants (passed).
  • Enter a contract with Ellet Sign Company to complete Phase 1 of the Sign Initiative. (passed)
  • Issuing and selling bonds to cover the cost of the new pumper and ambulance trucks. (1st reading)
  • Motion to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission regarding allowing a hair salon at 12 Columbus St. This was denied by the Planning Commission and Council agreed with that. (5-1)

In the reports:

  • Last week for chipper service. Call if you have branches you need chipped.
  • Pat Catan’s property was sold to Jay Honda
  • The sidewalk program will be starting up. Some residents who live near where the sidewalk work will be done this year will be eligible for piggybacking onto the City’s contract for the sidewalks and will be able to take advantage of the rates the City is getting for this work. You will or have received a letter from the City if you are able to piggyback on the City’s rates for new sidewalk slabs.
  • Community forum for the school district to discuss how the Chanel property will be developed (sans the Chanel building). The first one is on 10/24.
  • Delinquent tax letters are going out this week. Please contact the tax department if you get one. They would much rather work out a payment plan with you then send it to collections.
  • New trees on the tree lawn are marked with a blue flag. If a blue flag appeared on your tree lawn, congratulations! You will be getting a new tree.
  • Vote for our K-9 unit to win a new K-9 ready custom SUV. You can vote here: www.vik9s.org/suvvote
  • Meet the School Board candidates 10/17 at 7pm at the High School in the NLGI room

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