November 5, 2018 City Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for the meeting tonight.

11-5-18 Council Agendas

In the work session, we will be discussing:

  • The Municipal Court budget.
  • Looking at who to appoint to Civil Service Board. If you are interested in becoming part of one of the Boards that help the city run, please send your resume and what boards you are interested in to Lorree Villers at or 165 Center Road, Bedford, OH 44146

In the regular session, we will be voting on:

  • Third and final reading for the changes to the Ellenwood rates and rental policies. If you have an opinion on them, speak now or forever hold your peace – or at least if you do decide to complain about it, know that it will be a done deal.
  • Third and final reading for re-approving how city employees make insurance plan premium contributions.
  • Approve additional money to go towards repairing a sinkhole at Union and Northfield.
  • To declare both 54 Best and 34 Union a nuisance and condemn the buildings.
  • First reading to approve the 2019 budget.
  • Approve or Decline a vape shop in Bedford Downtown. Planning Commission already declined it and Council will either decide to agree with their decision or not.


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