March 5th, 2018 Bedford City Council Meeting Video

Here is the video from the last council meeting.

In the work session we discussed:

  • The Ellenwood asbestos removal is waiting on EPA approval. EPA wanted a few more things moved out of the way. In the meantime, the interior of the building is being painted. At the next meeting council, we will get lighting quotes for new lights to approve.
  • New registration and payment system for the recreation department will go into its own account to facilitate tracking
  • The building department suggested that the building code ordinance be changed to remove years so that the ordinances related to using the current version. This would make it so that Council would not have to vote every time the State building code is updated and would keep us better in continual compliance.
  • The Board of Elections is insisting again to move Ward 6 polls to Ellenwood due to ADA issues at the library and Ward 5 polls to Ellenwood due to perceived compromise. The City Manager, once again, declined to move the polling locations and the Council agreed.
  • The council further discussed the dumpster ordinance changes. It was decided that it would be changed to require the land owner to have a plan in place for trash removal and then the responsibility of the tenant or business owner to follow that plan. The ordinances in that group will also be updated to remove archaic language such as “night soil”.

In the regular session:

  • There have been several water breaks in the city in recent weeks. Please let City know if you see pooling water in the street or on a sidewalk as it could be a water main break. In some cases of a water main break, a boil alert may be issued. If your home is under a boil alert, there is always a card given to boil alert homes. The valve for that break will be turned off until test come back showing the water is safe to drink.
  • A recycling grant was applied for and we got it. Will pay for 2 additional shred days and public awareness material
  • If you used the City website to do your taxes early in the year, check to make sure that your tax information was correct. Website tax form was reflecting 2016 data for the first few weeks of the season.
  • Senior Meetings are Second and fourth Wednesdays every Month it is being held at Church of Nazarene in Sherman Hall
  • Due to a family tragedy, Sandy Spinks (W1) urged people not to text and drive and to wear seatbelts
  • If you see a street light out, please report it to the city. If possible, either write down or take a picture of the pole number, which is located on a metal tab on the pole.
  • David Neff has said that he will take up the role of editor for The Bedford Tribune. If you are interested in writing an article for the paper, please contact him.

Council voted on:

  • Making recreation fees streamlined so that additional programming could be added more quickly. (passed)
  • To purchase the eTrak software for recreation programing registration. (passed)
  • To go into a contract with Anovia Payments, which will allow the eTrak software to take payments. (passed)
  • To adopt the new building code standards (passed)

Just a side note, the Southeast Library would like everyone to know:

  • Library programming is available for all ages – Branch
  • The library is currently taking food donations instead of paying fines. The super 6 non-perishable foods are being accepted.
  • You can become Friends of the Library for $5

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