March 2, 2020 City Council Meeting Agenda

Here is the agenda for today’s (3/2/20) City Council Meeting.

The videos are now broadcast live at this URL so if you tune in at 8pm, you can watch the Council meeting live:

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In the Work Session, we will be discussing:

  • Redistricting – It has been a very long time since the wards in the City were rebalanced, and some of the wards have… unique shapes that probably are not needed anymore. The Council will be beginning the process of redistricting, which will involve an outside firm coming in to analyze and make suggestions to that effect.

In the Regular Session, we will be voting on:

  • Using Cintas for the City’s uniform needs
  • Purchasing 2 new vehicles for the Police Department
  • Purchasing a new vehicle for the Animal Warden
  • Purchasing additional equipment to outfit the new animal control vehicle
  • To condemn 591 Broadway
  • Agreeing to sell the old Y to APEC Holding
  • Purchasing additional equipment for new police vehicle
  • Purchasing a Kubota Diesel Concrete Saw
  • Hiring AC Lawncare to do the grass cutting for the City
  • Assessing delinquent water bills
  • Approving the Planning Commission’s recommendation to allow a permanent cosmetics business to open at 450 Broadway

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