June 4, 2019 City Council Meeting Video

Here is the video for Monday’s Council meeting:


I have been told that the videos from now on will be broadcast live at this URL so if you tune in at 8pm, you can watch the Council meeting live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBgBDh11jKNhKtA1NIOZZA

Councilwoman Paula Mizsak (W4) absent.

In the Work Session, we discussed:

  • Discussed the re-zoning. There were a few changes that came out of the Planning Commission meeting. One was to make new car sales locations a permitted use instead of a conditional use. Senior housing was also suggested, but ultimately senior housing was left out as all felt there was enough senior housing in the City. Also, because there were several comments on this, the new zoning would allow for low density housing (already there) but not high density housing like high rise apartments. Even then, low density housing is conditional and would have to be approved by both the Planning Commission and Council.
  • A representative of Senior Connections spoke to council about their service. New bus would be available 8/1 as the contract is written currently. Moving to Senior Connections for senior transportation would also allow seniors to arrange for “off hours” trips through a program called STC Plus. Trips taken on weekends or in the evenings could be arranged for a premium price, but would allow more flexibility for seniors. Price for regular hour trips stays the same ($1), but trips will be limited to 2 two-way trips or 4 one-way trips per week per resident. If a resident needed more trips, they can be taken through STC Plus.

In the Regular Session, we voted on:

  • Rezoning the Meadowbrook area. The City had a consulting firm look at best use of the area and it was determined that the areas there should be rezoned in the following ways:
    • Rezoning B-3 at Northfield & Rockside to M-U (2nd reading)
    • Rezoning B-3 at 22800 Rockside, 22737-69 Rockside & 300 Bartlett to R-4 (2nd reading)
  • Replacing Chapter 1939 entitled “B-3” with Chapter 1939 entitled “M-U” (2nd reading)
  • Several resolutions and ordinances pertaining to improving the lighting in the City. It appears that this is basically just approving that some of the tax dollars that are already being collected can be used for this purpose. (passed)
  • Approving the 2019 Tax Budget – This is a requirement of the State of Ohio. Basically we are stating how we plan on using the tax money collected in 2019 for the 2020 fiscal year. This is the first step in starting the budget process for the 2020 year. (passed)
  • Requesting that the County Auditor release funds from the tax levy to the City. This is a formality required by the State. Basically, we are asking them to give us what is ours and they will give us 75% of taxes they have collected already. (passed)
  • Approving that part of the tax money collected goes towards paying for garbage collection (passed 5-1)
  • Permitting some changes to the current budgets, both for additional income (mostly from grants) and expenditures.  (passed)
  • Agreeing to go into a contract with PVS Technologies to provide liquid ferric chloride to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (passed)
  • Council will be looking at replacing the in-house senior bus with an outside service called Senior Connections. This will go to 3 readings, so if you have comments, now is the time to share them with your Councilperson. (passed)
  • Accepting the recommendation of the Planning Commission to allow for a new day care at 348 Broadway Ave. (accepted 4-2)

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