January 21, 2020 City Council Meeting Agenda

Here is the agenda for the 1/21/19 (Tuesday) City Council Meeting. The Council meeting is on Tuesday this time due to the holiday.

The videos are now broadcast live at this URL so if you tune in at 8pm, you can watch the Council meeting live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBgBDh11jKNhKtA1NIOZZA

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the City of Bedford YouTube channel (big red subscribe button below the video). If you subscribe, you will get a notification when the live video starts as well as getting a link to watch it later.

In the Work Session, we will be discussing:

  • Limiting the time citizens have to talk during the Hearing of Citizens. Council will be discussing if a time limit should be enacted to limit how long someone has to speak before Council. Suggestions have been anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. We will be looking at whether one is needed and how long someone should be allowed to talk.
  • Ward meeting dates

In the Regular Session, we will be voting on:

  • We will be voting on adding fees to be able to rent the Archibald Willard Park Pavilion (better known as Ellenwood Pavilion to most of us). We are looking at adding a fee of $25 for a 4 hour rental and $50 for an all day rental. Before now, the Pavilion was free and only half of the pavilion could be reserved while the other half was first come, first served.  This has created several disputes and misunderstandings. Most other communities charge a small fee for pavilion rentals and making it so the whole pavilion can be reserved will help reduce disputes.
  • We will be voting to make some minor changes to the language that dictates how various things at Ellenwood Recreation Center are rented out. Basically, we will be changing the phrase “security deposit” to just “deposit” and adding language that will allow a rental permit holder to be banned from being able to rent again if they fail to follow the rules of the Rec Center. There is also some clarification on what organizations can meet at Ellenwood for free.
  • Entering into a community cost-share agreement with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. This agreement means that we will be part of a project to clear tree roots from the sewer lines so that they function better as well as have a camera sent through the lines to look for areas that may need repair. In case you ever wondered, some of the money that you pay on your water bill goes to projects like this.

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