February 20, 2018 City Council Meeting Video

Here is the video for the February 20, 2018 City Council Meeting.

Some highlights from the video are:

  • That Ellenwood will be closed starting February 26th for approximately 60 days. During that time there will be asbestos abatement done, new lighting, new ceilings and it will be painted.
  • The City was awarded the BCDC grant which will go towards Storefront Improvement on Broadway.
  • Recycling has been making a positive impact on the amount of trash the City has to pay to have hauled away. A report on this can be requested from City Hall.
  • The Easter Egg Hunt this year will be on March 24th. Due to Ellenwood being closed, the Easter Egg Hunt will take place at the high school football field.
  • We have a police exam coming up. If you or someone you know would like to apply to become one of Bedford’s police officers, please have them stop up at City Hall for an application.
  • In his report, Walter Gen advocated for the City to start using hardwood trees again on treelawns, such as sugar maples. He would like to see more useful trees rather than the little ornamental trees.
  • The City came in under budget on the water meter replacement project and will be using the excess funds on other water department projects.
  • The City is restarting their Bicycle Police program for the Downtown area. Broadway Cyclery will be donating a bike for this program. The program will be fully launched when the police force is back up to full strength, which will hopefully be after this next round of hiring.
  • Several people were appointed to Boards within the City.
  • The Council passed Ordinances that would streamline the Recreation Center programming fees, ban payday lenders from Downtown, to update an ordinance pertaining to penalties and charges so that it is in compliance with State law and an ordinance that will help the City fight with other communities against a State measure to try to force municipalities to use the State to collect income tax.
  • The Council opted to do a first reading on contracts pertaining to the new Recreation software. There were some questions about the contracts that will be researched and answered at the next session.
  • In the work session, Council discussed pulling some money into the budget to pay for a new website and they discussed updating trash ordinances to require landlords to have a trash removal plan in place for all residents and business owners who live or do business on their property.



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