December 2, 2019 Bedford City Council Meeting Agenda

Here is the agenda for the 12/2/19 (Monday) City Council Meeting.

The videos are now broadcast live at this URL so if you tune in at 8pm, you can watch the Council meeting live:

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In the Work Session, we will be discussing:

  • A possible moratorium on dollar stores. I don’t know much about this yet, but I am guessing that someone on Council would like to stop allowing dollar stores in Bedford. I am not sure if that is legally possible, but we will see when we discuss it.
  • The 2019-2020 deer management program. The area has seen a reduction in deer related accidents and I don’t expect there to be any changes to that program at this time.
  • Possibly creating an ordinance to allow plastic bags after the County recently voted to ban them. Brooklyn, OH recently passed an ordinance to this effect and the mayor there is urging other Cuyahoga County municipalities to do the same in order to make a statement about home rule. Home rule is the idea that cities should be allowed to govern themselves over the laws passed by the County and the State. Recently, the State of Ohio has made a big push to deteriorate city home rule. Area municipalities have been looking for an issue to combat this on and some believe that this is that issue.

In the Regular Session, we will be voting on:

  • There will be 2 presentations tonight. 
    • The first is the presentation of the annual donation check from the City of Bedford to Meals on Wheels. This is money raised by the employees of the City of Bedford throughout the year and is given annually to Meals on Wheels.
    • The annual proclamation to change the name of Bedford to Bedford Falls for one day during the Christmas in Bedford Falls event (which will be on December 14 from 12pm – to 4pm this year).
  • We will be passing the budget tonight. I am pleased to announce that the budget will be balanced this year again. Last year, you may remember that we passed a balanced budget for the first time in several years. The City was able to keep that budget balanced this year and it looks as though that will remain status quo for the upcoming year. 
  • We will be voting on adding fees to be able to rent the Archibald Willard Park Pavillion (better known as Ellenwood Pavillion to most of us). We are looking at adding a fee of $25 for a 4 hour rental and $50 for an all day rental. Before now, the Pavillion was free and only half of the pavillion could be reserved while the other half was first come, first served.  This has created several disputes and misunderstandings. Most other communities charge a small fee for pavillion rentals and making it so the whole pavillion can be reserved will help reduce disputes.
  • We will be voting to make some minor changes to the language that dictates how various things at Ellenwood Recreation Center are rented out. Basically, we will be changing the phrase “security deposit” to just “deposit” and adding language that will allow a rental permit holder to be banned from being able to rent again if they fail to follow the rules of the Rec Center. There is also some clarification on what organizations can meet at Ellenwood for free.
  • Voting to agree or disagree with a Planning Commission recommendation that 348 Broadway NOT be given a conditional use approval for a training and event center. It appears that not all of the requested information was submitted.
  • Voting to agree or disagree with a Planning Commission recommendation that 19000 Rockside NOT be allowed to build a canopy and a propane stand. It also appears that not all requested information was supplied.
  • Voting to agree or disagree with a Planning Commission recommendation that 595 Broadway be allowed to alter the exterior of the building.

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