April 16, 2018 Bedford City Council Meeting

Here is the video from the City Council meeting:


In the work session we discussed:

Whether the parking fees need to be adjusted to prevent habitual parking violators. We decided to look at an escalating system of parking fines.

In the Regular session:

In presentations, there was:

  • The ceremonial swearing in of Officer Miller
  • Broadway Cyclery presented a new bicycle to the City to be used by the bike cop that will be starting soon
  • The Bedford Garden Club presented a check to cover the costs of the Union Street Bridge flowers
  • The Mayor also commented on the passing of Andrew Zolata and Rich Purgert, both of whom had done numerous services for the City

In the reports:

  • The Road Program will be coming back. The City will be spending $400,000 plus any grant money they can obtain on improving roads and streets inside the City
  • K9 officer, Luca, started on Monday. Bedford Automile contributed to getting the dog for the police force. Now, due to the additional dog, there will be a dog on patrol 24/7.
  • Dominion continues to have issues. A sinkhole was caused by a Cleveland Water main and is interfering with Dominions latest effort. The sinkhole and the pipes causing it will be repaired and then Dominion will continue
  • City is applying for demolition grants for vacant, condemned properties
  • Ellenwood’s re-opening will be delayed again. Ellenwood will be getting security cameras and wi-if when it re-opens
  • If you see flooding issues on your streets or sidewalks, call dispatch when you see the flooding. In instances of heavy rain, like we saw this past week, the Service Department uses the number of calls from an area to determine which areas they will address first. The more calls from an area, the faster they will get there. So if you are having street flooding in the future, call it in and have your neighbors do the same.
  • Madrigal Singers sang the National Anthem at the Cavs game
  • Chanel was sold to Bedford City Schools
  • An English tour group from Bedford, England will be adding Bedford, OH to its tour

We voted on:

  • Truck purchases. Vehicles that were approved in previous sessions are no longer available, so we had to vote on new ones. Council voted to buy a different type of vehicle. (passed)
  • Dumpster laws (passed)
  • Whether to take on some land in the Land Bank (2nd reading)
  • And adding a provision to rental licenses requirements that the property cannot be delinquent on property taxes. (2nd reading)
  • Adding additional labor into the Ellenwood Rec asbestos removal contract (passed)
  • Agree to a contract with Local 2007 AFL-ICO (Service Department) (passed)
  • Changes to Chapter 104, which gives authority to the City Manager to make certain purchases without Council approval (passed)
  • Condemning both 83 Henry & 20 Elm (passed)
  • Approving the agreement between the Community Reinvestment Area and QUA, Inc for a tax exemption of 80% (1st reading)
  • Approving a contract between Bedford jail and Village of Walton Hills (passed)
  • Approving discussing a real estate transaction with Concrete Properties, LLC (passed)
  • And a motion to re-appoint John Powers to Planning Commission (yes)

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