Agenda for September 4th, 2018 Bedford City Council Meeting

Here is the agenda for the City Council meeting tonight.


In the work session, we will be discussing:

  • Planning Commission Appointment
  • Deer management review – this will be where we get the statistics about the deer culling over the past year in terms of cost and deer culled. This review is mandated by the ordinance that allows the City to cull deer.
  • Discussion of changing street parking ordinance and the snow clearing ordinance. So, there are several strong opinions on both sides of the street parking allowances among those on City Council. We will be starting a discussion tonight about the possibility of banning street parking in all of Bedford. Because we have been doing it piecemeal, it has gotten complicated for issuing tickets. We will be looking at streamlining the parking rules. If you have feelings and opinions on whether parking should be banned on all Bedford’s streets, now would be a good time to contact your council person or the Mayor regarding street parking in Bedford.

    While we will be looking at the parking ordinances, we will also look at changing the snow clearing ordinances so that they can actually be enforced. Right now, they are too vague to be effectively enforced and it is also a ticket that you have to go to court for. We are going to look at making the ordinance more like the lawn mowing ordinance where the City can notify and then if the sidewalk is not cleared, the City could then clear the sidewalk and charge the cost back to the property owner.

In the regular session, we will be voting on:

  • Changing the parking fine. This will be the 3rd and final vote.
  • Getting a new Service generator and having it installed.
  • A slight increase in water and sewer rates for 2019 due to a change in what the City of Cleveland charges us for the Master Water Meter. The increase will be .0975% In most cases, it is literally a few pennies more a month.
  • Updating the Senior Citizen & Disabled water discount to account for inflation on the household income.
  • To declare 43 Forbes Rd a nuisance and condemn it
  • Updating (more) building code ordinances so that they are always in line with the current Ohio Revised Code.
  • Adopting all replacement pages for 2018 so far for the Bedford Codified Ordinances
  • Some increases and decreases in appropriations
  • To declare 28 Leonard a nuisance and condemn it
  • Accepting the rates for current tax levies
  • Applying for Issue 2 funds to cover half of redoing Broadway and Union
  • Motion to approve plans for a Type “A” daycare located at 113 Union.


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