Agenda for May 21st, 2018 Bedford City Council Meeting

Here is the agenda for the City Council meetings and the Public Hearing for the budget.

5-21-18 Council Agendas

5-21-18 Public Hearing Agenda for Tax Budget

In the Work Session, we will be discussing:

  • Sewers. Not sure what we will be discussing here but I know that there is leftover money from the Water Meter project that the City Manager wanted to use to improve the water and sewer lines in the City, so it may be related to that.
  • Parking fine. This is a continuation of the discussion about how to handle repeat parking offenders. Right now it looks like we will be just raising the parking fines overall but this discussion will be where we finalize that before adding it to the agenda to vote on. If you have an opinion on this, contact your councilperson.

There will be a Public Hearing about the 2019 budget. If you have thoughts or complaints about how the City has been spending their money, this is where you get to learn more and then let those be known to your councilperson.

In the Regular Session, we will be voting on:

  • 2018 tax budget (2nd reading)
  • Purchasing a new police vehicle
  • Purchasing a radio to go into the new police vehicle
  • To assess (basically fine) the company and church that is located in the old Chanel School due to multiple false alarms being called to that location. The 2 responsible parties were informed that future false alarm calls would be billed to them and another false alarm occurred, so these fees are associated with that call. Both groups have failed to pay their parts of the fees, so the City would like to place a lien on the property. Just FYI, according to the notes 17 false alarms were called into this property.
  • To authorize the City to pursue money from people who have not paid their garbage collection bills.
  • Resolutions to both declare that lighting on certain streets in Bedford needs to be improved and to give permission for those streets to have their lighting improved. The list is extensive and almost looks like every street in Bedford has at least a stretch that could be improved. It also appears that if your property is within the areas that have been identified as needing improvements, your property will be assessed (charged) to help pay for the project. I am not 100% certain that is what it means (I’ll know more after the meeting), but that is what it looks like. This is scheduled for 3 readings so it will not be voted on at this meeting.
  • And the pole barn on Columbus Rd is back asking to be allowed.

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